• Cati Entringer

    My current logo of myself reimagined in my style!

  • Avatar Soap

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s (2022) Soap MacTavish reimagined as an Avatar!

  • Manly Shopping

    One of my favourite ships – Kirishima and Bakugou from My Hero Academia

  • Aber mit Ihm...!

    Another strong ship contender: Hinata and Kageyama from the volleyball anime Haikyuu!

    (Translation: But with him…!)

  • Matthew the Raven

    The lovely Matthew from the 2022 Netflix adaptation of The Sandman

  • The Fuck

    From Watch Dogs 2: Beloved crazy Wrench!

  • Alive

    From my MHA Tribal Universe: Kirishima and Bakugou reunite after a battle

What I do

I draw. All day. Every day. (OK that might be a stretch) But to put it in a nutshell: I love creating art because it allows me to express my imaginative inner self. And when I get to share that love with like-minded people, it makes me all the more happier.

How I do it

Any way I feel like, really. At the moment I generally result to the digital medium, but I love experimenting with all sorts of traditional ones, such as crayons, markers, gouache or acryls, pastels, aquarelle and many more.

I also dabble in crafting every now and then, to create little figurines out of polymer clay, for example.

My Education

I am originally from Luxembourg where I pursued a specialization in art during the three last years of high school. To follow my love for the English language, I decided to expand my interest and knowledge in literature focused courses at University of Brighton, UK. There, I graduated in June 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in “English Language and Creative Writing”. I am currently living in Stuttgart, Germany in continuation of my Master’s in “English and American Studies” at University of Stuttgart. In order to keep evolving in my artistic skills, I take a variety of online art courses and try to draw something every single day (no matter how small).


(Current) Fandoms


Artworks on Instagram




Digital Art

I currently result mostly to the digital medium. Most works found on my website are made on Procreate – an App for the iPad – but I occasionally dabble on Photoshop as well. I only started to get into the digital art realm towards the end of 2020, so I still have a lot to learn!

Traditional Art

Since my three years of art education were based on traditional art methods, my entire artist’s career is based on those experiences. My favourite subject was “Dessin” which mostly included observational still life painting and nude painting. I also attended art workshops over the past few years which have taught me the basics of linocut, for example, or broadened my horizon when it comes to still life drawing.